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Managers Track





An Open Market 9

Why should we want this?  9

The embedded component model 10

The demonstration toolkit 10

Worldwide cooperation  11

The Promise  12

Software building performance is still inadequate  13

An examination of the current way of software creation  13

History  13

Secondary effects of the approach  13

Differences with hardware  13

Similar developments in software  13

Market place  14

The secrets of the success of components  14

New developments  14

XML  15

The way out 16

A new open market for embeddable components  19

Why a new market?  20

Why pursuing this?  22

What is the reason?  24

Is such a steep improvement possible?  26

So, what are the tricks?  28

Why software generation differs  31

What occurred differently?  33

Why is object orientation only a partial solution?  36

Class libraries can be a benefit and a drawback  38

Real components offer the salvage  41

How much is the difference?  45

Reuse  50

Robustness  52

Enabling cooperation  55

What is a software component?  57

Software component object model 59

What must be done?  63

Repositories  73

Interfaces and types  75

Late settable parameters  79

Infrastructure  81

Lacks in current technology  83

The market 85

Feasibility  88

Achievement 90

A paradigm shift for programming efficiency  93

The essential ingredients  96

Urgency in embedded applications  113

Influence of reduced production efficiency  115

Influence of reduced robustness  130

Recall costs  139

Conclusion  145

Formal specification document repositories in short 153

The structure of formal specification document repositories  182




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