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Fundamental aspects

The development process of large and complex systems is hampered by the complexity of the relations that must be treated by the developers and their tools. Relational complexity can be measured by the number of potential relations. With this measure in mind it can be concluded that the manageability of the development of hard encapsulated components is easily two orders of magnitude better than the manageability of the equivalent part of a monolithic or layered system. The manageability of configuring a system from hard encapsulated systems is easily three to four orders of magnitude better than the manageability of a configuring corresponding monolith. Not only the workload of the developer will be lower, but it also becomes feasible to design tools that perform most of the routine tasks of the developer. Both the components and the component-based system can be specified precisely. This offers the opportunity to build configuration tools that build highly efficient systems that do not use more resources than strictly necessary and that keep all resources under strict control.



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