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Specifying design and configuration projects

The design and build of reusable modules and the configuration of module-based systems is done in projects. The project data contain the following elements

        A unique project name

        An optional short description

        An optional URI to a more extensive descriptive document

        The kind of make-files that must be generated

        The top of the directory where the output files will be created

        The top of the directory where manually added code is preserved

        A set of packages that will be used to create the target system

        A set of connection schemes for the modules of the module based target system

        A set task schedules

        A copyright string

        A version string

        A Boolean that indicates if the operator must be warned for overwriting existing files

        Extra reserved space for

o       Packages

o       Registered modules

o       Critical sections

o       Interrupts

o       Other synchronization primitives

        A Boolean indicating whether specified insertion code must be neglected

        A Boolean indicating whether test code must be inserted

        A Boolean indicating whether multiple threads are supported

        A Boolean whether special files are maintained

        The kind of name mingling that will be used

        A Boolean indicating whether the generated infrastructure will include a tailored real-time kernel

        The RTOS that will be encapsulated when no real-time kernel is generated

        A list of design items for which documentation will be automatically generated

        A list of design items that are not part of the current target system, but that is used to build reference files (header files)

        A set of states that can be taken by the target. States can be presented in hierarchical sets of state-charts.

        A set of state transitions that the target can pass

Usually menu settings of the system configuration tool can overrule the Booleans and some of the other specified values.



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